Last days in pics

Pics from the last days. I flew from andenes to oslo. Look at this cute little plane i travelled in.

I have been goofing around with Ole. Friday night we walked around in Oslo with these balloons that he was going to use today. We ended up improvising a lousy photoshoot-sort of.

We also made cupcakes. And tried out some outfits. And just for the records, i do not use real fur. And you shouldn't either.

And here comes the best part; I got my 104-kit and the 126-film i ordered.


This can set me on fire

So this is just a petit collection of some music i find attractive. Many of my favorites couldnt be found at spotify but oh well: here goes.
Any good playlist to give away?

Hello Life

I have officially finished my last exam and im thrilled to bits. Tomorrow i'll be back in oslo and ready for city-life. These two first pics are just to show how relaxing it can be over here haha.


Evelien Lohbeck

This is too cool

Noteboek from Evelien Lohbeck on Vimeo.

Flashcubes commercial 1960s


Old film-formats

This is just too good to be true. Ive found an amazing site. They have 110, 126 and 127 film! AND the best part, they even have flashcubes! oh my oh my.


Today i had my norwegian written exam.
I finished after 3 hours, and than i had to wait for 2,5 hours for the bus. This is rural-norway. So i spent the hours at this local bakery.
I'll post a few pics from the national day as well.

Posing at bakery:

A picture taken of me at 17th of may. Lookin' fly

Check out that stylish boy. He has a really nice face that i would have loved photographing.

Prebz and the sunglasses.. and me sitting like i shouldnt be sitting when i wear a short dress.


12 hours

Im quite tired after spending 12 hours on the road and in the air. A few of them was spent in a confirmation though. Anyroad, nice to be safe back at Andenes even though i wish i could be in Oslo at the Comic Expo and enjoying the hot weather.


Luna and the blond locks

Tomorrow i'll go up north, again! another civil confirmation at saturday and monday and wednesday i'll have my final exams.
I tried taking a portrait with Luna, but she loves eating my hair so at the end i kicked her out of the band. Sorry Luna.


It was my 21st birthday the 21st of may and i must say im not that into throwing big birthday-parties. I might have got enough when i celebrated my 12th birthday and i got so angry and tired (mainly because of the cupcakes everybody ate before i even got one myself) that i hid in the bathtub.
Turned off my phone (i have a slight phone-phobia and i know people will call me 21st of may) and we went to the cinema watching Le ballon rouge. That movie is so full of great pics. I took a few snapshots, and this is probably what inspired Tim Walker in this Dior-advert.
Oh, and this cake is so so nice. Home-made orea dream cake by Øyvind!


Second try

Now i remember why I always stop drawing after a few days. My patient is so tiny winy and when I dont like the second drawing i just give up. Just like now, yet again. I need to find i style i like, and right now im far from what i want. Won't give up this time. Crossed fingers.



One of my 104-cameras. I have found an original gift-package/104-kit with all you need AND extra flash-cubes!! im really excited about this and I cant wait until it bumps into my mailbox. I have also bought 10 rolls of 126 film which i hope will arrive pretty soon from hungary. Its only iso 100, wish it was 200 but this was the best i could find.
Rice-porridge for dinner. Love it.



I have started practicing my drawing-skills. 1st out.


Its nice to have colleges that care. "No need to stress, Stephen and Dan P put things straight!"
I need to learn how to cook a proper dinner.



Amanda Marie is drawing this picture of me. What a talent! This made me think of start drawing again. I'll give it a try when I get time for it.
Yesterday i passed my very last oral examination. Now i just have two written exams the 25th and 27th of may remaining. Today i'll go back to Oslo for a week.


Light at night

I cant sleep and im not sleepy. Doesn't help that its light 24/7 up north.

Here is an episode of salad fingers.



Okai so this is not that interesting for others than nature-photographers and nature-people in general. Im just so amazed by the view from my parents house every time I visit them at Andenes. I have been raised in this house and lived here for over 16 years..but now, when its ages between every time I visit, I just can't help staring out the windows for hours. These are taken minutes ago just outside.
Except all this nature-talk, I passed my second exam yesterday and I will be having my third exam tomorrow. I will go back to Oslo on friday to celebrate 17th of may on sunday.
and..uhm, im not a nature-photographer as we all know.


Different things

This is just a video with clips i found while cleaning my macbook.

H&M divided exclusive fall/winter

The new collection from H&M (divided exclusive) is something to look forward to. These things will be released in week 39. If you are interested in watching all items, take a look here.



My national costume (for the coastline in northern norway). My grandmother has embroidered all the flowers and it's a shame I don't use it more often. This custume is worth about $4500 with shoes, shirt and all the silver-jewelry that you can't see in this picture. Its really a beautiful outfit, but not a everyday-look.


Tim Burton's Alice in wonderland

Something to look forward to. Coming in March 2010.

Good girl

Im such a good girl. Helping daddy out at the summerhouse. Mom is not really into that house, so i'll do the girly-things in the garden.. and taking photos inside.

After doing my best in the garden, I went to Sortland at a local metal-concert with In Grief.

Tomorrow i'll be going to a civil confirmation, and be wearing my national costume for the first time since last may.



I passed my first exam, in History. Only 4 exams to go.
Let's celebrate with some Loretta Lux pix.