Nan Goldin (1953 -)

An american female documentary photographer. She is a friend of photographer David Armstrong, this was also the man who introduced her to the gay- and transsexual communities back in the early 70's. In about 1985 many of her close friends started dying from AIDS, and she has ever since been influenced by this in her work.
This first picture is from her heart touching series of Gilles Dusein and Gotscho. Read a bit more about the series here.




Fake fur

A few days ago I got this amazing fake fur jacket. My grand-aunt bought it in London in the 1960s, and now its mine.
Enjoy a fur-free winter. Merry christmas from me and Luna.


Diane Arbus (1923 – 1971)

From now on I will have a post every now and then about photographers worth knowing about. This week its Diane Arbus' amazing work.


It started snowing a couple of days ago, which makes me happy and Luna not so happy.



I was so happy to stumble across this video on youtube.


Christmas in London

A video me and Ole made in London before we left for Norway.

Square America

Im disappointed I didn't find this web-page until yesterday. You can spend hours in here: Square America.
I love it. You will find vintage snapshots and vernacular photographs from America. Here are some of my favs.


Norwegian winter

Im at my parents and Luna still loves me.



Some pictures from my "I like"-folder: (and im really sorry that I dont know the photographers of these pics)
This first picture is the haircolour im planning. Just lovely. And i would love to have that braid on the second pic.