From now on i will use Phiary. The perfect photo diary.


This is how i would like my apartment to look like. (All photos by Signe Dons /Aftenposten)

Esra did this neat illustration from one of my photos for Miss Disguise's necklaces. Her style is fabulous.


This is my sleepy cat, Luna. Cutest cat alive, no doubt.


I work in Aftenposten. This is what we do.


I have spent my whole day at Adam & Eva being a hair-model. This is what i ended up like.


Something to laugh at this saturday morning. Click for large image.


Hype Machine radio is the perfect tool to find new music, or just to use your whole day listening to music. You won't get tired.


I'm getting used to my new hair and i think im starting to like it. Maybe. Any opinions?


I'm back from London!
We have been at Standford Bridge, and

finally after hours of football i got my time with thrift stores. And yes, im trying out life as a brunette these days. Not sure if i will keep it for long though.

This is one of my favorite vintage stores in London, Absolute Vintage. (15 Hanbury Street) They have thousands of shoes, and of course some other things.

This is my other favorite, Rokit. (42 Shelton Street) Lots of dresses and things you might need.

And near by Absolute Vintage you find Nundos. They have a nice food for a nice price. The vegetarian burger was perfect an early mondaymorning.