Im moving to London

Today i got accepted to University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion). I will spend three years at this school studying fashion photography, and i hardly cant wait to get started and move over there. Here is a scan of my last singel-use camera pics. Some pics from New York, some from Oslo. PS: click for larger size.



Made this poster for blablafestivalen, a superneat festival up north in norway, where im from.


Hagenisse in neverland
doin' our pretty-faces
gay parade
making jewelry
Today ive spent the whole day at the beach. love it


Vee Speers

Vee Speers photo-series The Birthday Party is so nice i cant take me eyes away from it. Its kind of a Loretta Lux feel to them, and thats not a bad thing.


39 pics from Tokyo

I have been having a nice weekend in Tokyo. Lots of people, lots of heat, lots of fake eyelashes, lots of long hair-extensions, lots of hats, lots of bleached orange hair, lots of feminine dudes and lots of crappy unhealthy western food.
I dont care to sort these pics so they are not chronological in any ways.

SEGA-store. 7 floors of crazy people who probably spend years in this building trying to beat their own record in one of the thousands games.

This made me turn around in two seconds. Not my toilet-style. And yes, its the girls-room.

Aquarium in Sunshine City. Its 3 huge buildings with millions of stores and things to do.

This is crazyness. They sell LIVING reptiles in Toys'r'us!

Pure cafe is THE place to eat nice vegan breakfast.

Normal amount of people over the cross-road.

In this second-hand store in Harajuku you will definitely find somthing you like.


Visit Shimokitazawa after 2pm. Its a really cute area with loads of thrift-stores but make sure you are not visiting 10am in the morning.

Dog with hair-extensions.

This is the worst thing i have ever seen. A shop called Babydoll! They were selling tiny tiny cats and dogs who should have been with their mommy. I couldn't stand this and i tried talking to the people in the shop, but they didnt speak a word english. The tiny babies where lying around in small glass-boxes with no food nor water. They seemed so bored and listless and some where scratching to get out. I started crying and had to get out of there.

Its business-time
This should probably have been the first pic. Started the trip with eating lunch with mom and dad who was on vacation in Copenhagen, before the plane headed to Tokyo.


This is about nothing

A night in Oslo.

Luna waiting for her mommy.

Im planning a photoshoot with this eagle. It has 3 metres of wings.

And im making a sailor-dress. Hopefully it will end up close to my sketch.

Tokyo in three days! oh gosh