Im moving to London

Today i got accepted to University of the Arts London (London College of Fashion). I will spend three years at this school studying fashion photography, and i hardly cant wait to get started and move over there. Here is a scan of my last singel-use camera pics. Some pics from New York, some from Oslo. PS: click for larger size.


ernieland said...

Congratulations! You're going to love London. And we'd be thrilled to have you!

kim said...


Laura said...

Wow, I've been looking through your blog, your photography is amazing!!

Aren't you a friend of Daniel?

You're so extremely gorgeous.

Congrats on going to London!

Laura said...

Hah, I recognised some of your older photos, I remember he told me about you when you sent him an email saying you've been following our story ;)

Blond hair looks so good on you! My current haircolour is my original haircolour, its even a bit lighter now cause of the sun... But I was bleached blond for a while which was NOT good for my hair, haha.

Ah, with the current vast variety of technology, internet friends are just as good as real life friends.