the real me

Had a project about "the real me" based on Freud. This is what I ended up with.


Preparing for halloween.

Tried out some different halloween-effects with Ole. Im glad i have eyebrows..


Weekend tomorrow

London gets better every day, and I've never regret moving here. Today I've been working on my self-portraits and enjoying the weather.


Freud´s idea of the inner self

The next two weeks we will produce self-portraits taken with 35mm film. This is just a digital test-shot.

...Ole figured that red hair is the way to go.


Queen Elizabeth

First; Dennis and the giant cookie

We had a group project called "the London thing". We had to shoot slide-film and this is what my group ended up with.


week 4, soon

Im soon starting week 4 in London, and I couldn't be more happy about how London is treating me. We have even started getting some friends, haha. The next weeks we will focus on analogue photography at school, and im super excited about this. First project is slide-film, hurray. We got divided into groups for the project, and i am really happy about my group as well. There are about 50 people in our class, 50/50 with boys and girls.
And, we live only 15mins walking distance from Shoreditch!
I <3 London

My room

This is Ole with his new haircut.