week 4, soon

Im soon starting week 4 in London, and I couldn't be more happy about how London is treating me. We have even started getting some friends, haha. The next weeks we will focus on analogue photography at school, and im super excited about this. First project is slide-film, hurray. We got divided into groups for the project, and i am really happy about my group as well. There are about 50 people in our class, 50/50 with boys and girls.
And, we live only 15mins walking distance from Shoreditch!
I <3 London

My room

This is Ole with his new haircut.


AGNE said...

love the second photo

pris said...

oh my, im so jealous!

Dennis Davydov said...

You room is really really nice!!!!!!

Emilieee : D said...

Marieeell , Jeg savner deeeg ! : / <3

Mariell said...

agne: thank you!
pris: yep you should be ;)
dennis: i knooow, i love my room as much as i love london! your room is not that bad either.
emilie: naw, håper vi sees rundt jula! vet du om dere skal nordover? superstor klem:*

Theme T said...

Wow! Your pictures are some of the most beautiful i have seen! You are really talented!

Emilieee : D said...

Vetke helt , meen jeg håper det blir en tuur :D .