KATMA theatre

These are som of the pictures I talked about weeks ago. Did them for KATMA theatre. Hair and makeup: Ole Elias.


Living in London

I haven't had internet since I moved to London, but today we bought a USB-modem..and it really doesn't work. It takes an hour to upload a few pics. I will see if i get time to upload pictures tomorrow from that photoshoot i was talking about weeks ago.
I am having the best time in London and I can't wait until school starts in a week. Me and Ole is renting an apartment a few blocks away from Shoreditch in 11th floor with view over London; London bridge, London eye +++. I will be living here for 3 years and that makes me so so happy!
(bad-quality pics:)
Arrived London, and the building we now live in.

We weren't disappointed when we realized what view we've got. This is just a part of it.

Next morning when the light came in, we saw how dirty everything was. The kitchen was..brown.

After a few hours and one kitchen-bench cleaner, we had some dinner at the only clean spot in the apartment.

This is the living-room. After 3 days with cleaning, everything ended up quite nice.

Enough work for us. Curls night out:



She has the biggest eyes and the softest fur. When I go to bed, she always falls asleep before me.. on my chest, purring. I can stay awake for ever looking at her and listening to her cute little voice when she has a nightmare. Sometimes she falls asleep with her eyes barely closed.


My family in the 60s and 70s

It is a very long post, but there was too many nice pictures to cut down. Click for bigger pics.
This is my Grandmother, Alice Marie, and my grandfather, Odd Agnar. They got married in 1963.

They got 4 beautiful children. This is my Uncle Bent Arne on his first school-day in 1969.

And my mom in 1970.

My uncle Kai in 1973.

And their last kid Aunt Gry on her first school-day in 1978.

They wanted to have a family-photo, but figured out my grandmother was pregnant so they went back to the photographer as soon as my aunt came to earth.

My grand-parents have traveled a lot. Ive heard stories from Japan to Florida, to the life on a boat in the atlantic ocean outside south-america. These are pictures from small family-trips.

My grandmother sewed about all their clothing. I'm so impressed, and I wish to get all her sewing-skills.

This is my great grandmother, Kaia.

My grandfather and his very first car in 1969.

My other great grandmother, Edith (left), who I was lucky to get to know.

These are my all time favorite women. My grandmother Alice (who I have dedicated my right arm to, for those of you who has asked me about my tattoo) and my beloved Mom.

Nobody lost, nobody found

I got this lovely dress from my great-aunt. It used to hers in the 70s. As well as this dress, I got yet another instamatic camera (i have about 6 different version of those now), some flash-cubes, and some great 60s clothing. I love when members of the family dont throw away all those old and beautiful things.


Sailor dress

I love sailor-dresses.



Some nice clothing.
Chloé Resort 2010 (5 first), Dries Van Noten Fall 2009 (5 in the middle) and Marc Jacobs Fall 2009 (5 last).
Dries van Noten has the prettiest colors in their collection.