Our last night in Tallinn.

Checking out the teeming nightlife in Tallinn.

All alone in Depeche Mode bar with our Colgate smiles.

Honey beer is not for me.

Whats up with having a Depeche Mode bar. special.

yes, still alone in the bar.


Im in Tallinn with Øyvind, and the old city is just perfect.

We spent the first days in Kalev Spa Hotel, but today we are checking in at Radisson SAS with this view from our room.

I have no idea what this is.

Kalev Spa.

A cowboy restaurant.

I want an old house like this. my dream.

I meet cute black wild kittens everywhere i go.

This is a restaurant with only pure food. and this Rapunzel beer is supernice.


Winter 07/08


Colonial- British restaurant with a delicous veggie burger! We went there 4 times in a week. yumi

Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid.

We played Airhockey almost every night. I won once...

..BUT i did really well hitting these mice.

supercute wildcat

Øyvind is having a strip show.

this happens when im too intimate with palms

The best Tiramisu and the best Pina Colada iv'e consumed.

Ate pasta.

Palms are for climbing.


wo hey

Today is our last night in Tenerife. We went to Aqua Land and a dolphin show earlier today. Dolphins are now my favourite animal.