Got two envelopes of pictures today.


Ole, my coming flatmate

Spendig friday-night in the studio testing out our lighting-skills. Nothing to write home about, but we're getting there.


8 years old singel-use camera

I have had this singel-use camera in 8 years, and today I finally developed them. I was really happy to see what was on it: my favorite animal, Ringtail-lemur! These are from the day I finally got to see them in real life.

Northern Norway

Out fishing

Majken, the girl i spent most of my childhood with.



The opening on my (and a few more artists as well) exhibition at Galleri Hildreland in Bø (Vesterålen, Norway).
I couldn't be there myself, so when my parents showed up they got flowers and their picture in the newspaper. If you live around that area, you can visit my exhibition from wednesday to friday (12pm - 05pm) and saturdays (12pm - 4pm) until October 8th.
Happy mom and dad:

Small interview at Kaplaarzen

Kaplaarzen did 3 short interviews with 3 members of flickr, I'm one of them. check it out!


Afraid of the dark

(Click for large. Will give the actual colors as well)


Not Ghana, but L.A

We were too late to get the visas for Ghana, so we decided to go somewhere else. We ended up with L.A. So after moving out and driving all the stuff from the apartment to northern Norway, we will be heading to L.A for two weeks. (Anyone with nice L.A-tips?)
Im surrounded by boxes these days, and Im that kind of person who can't stand mess.
Todays D.I.Y-tips: sew fringes on your t-shirt!

Finished the dress

Finally I got the time to finish the dress I started making weeks ago. Didn't turn out the way I planned but I like it anyways.



Today i have been taking some pictures (that wasn't very prepared) of the band Tara.
Ole did the makeup and art directing. 

Inspector Gadget would be proud.


Can't sleep without you

Title of the picture, not my post.
I'm moving out of the apartment in only two weeks, and Im really happy about going to London and start studying, but at the same time I'm sad about leaving all I have in Oslo.
I will not move to London until mid-September, so in the meantime I'll be traveling and get a couch here and there while I'm in Oslo.



I had a perfect weekend up north, and tomorrow im heading back to Oslo. Wish I could stay just a couple of days longer.  

Luna is loving northern part of Norway and the midnight sun.
German Henrick is also loving the midnightsun.
Another german dude, Flo, with his sexy-pose.

German people..

Kristina and her party-teeth

Naked people