I've had about the same hair for.. as long as i have had hair. Just some dark hair in super short periods. Now I'm tired of blonde hair parted in the middle. these to first pics are my natural color. what to do what to do? dark or blonde? fringe, no fringe?


Futuristic party



Its not a secret, christmas is right around the corner. This post will be updated every now and than until christmas.


Ten 126-pics

Pictures from the instamatic. Is there somewhere in London I can scan 126-negatives and end up with a better result than this?


Stockholm house

Carrots for dinner


this is life

im tired, have been coughing for almost 3 weeks..and stressed about the 20-30s thing. everything will be just fine. is there anyone reading this?


Presentation video

From the self-portrait

Plan B

Its sunday, almost monday.. and I still haven't got what I need to finish the 20s-30s shoot. Im just waiting for a yes or a now from the coolest location ever. I have no plan B, so it better work out.

These 3 last ones are me by Ole.



Just a bunch of snapshots from fall 09 in London that i developed today.
Next week I'll have to do a 20s/30s glamour shoot at school.. in black and white. Challenge for me since I've never done any "real" black and whites and I love working with colors. I'll post the result next friday.