1621 Franklin st, 90404 Santa Monica

Im back in Oslo (for two weeks). I loved Santa Monica, but its nice to be back in Norway where you are aloud to throw toiletpaper in the TOILET.

Lemons outside our window.

I couldn't help it. Me and Raphael.


Beach-life and Hollywood++


Santa Monica Beach

Update; This is the house we live in. There are orange- and lemon-trees outside the windows. At santa monica beach, they still wear the same bathingsuits and shorts as they wore in Baywatch. Tomorrow we are going to the universal studio in Hollywood.



The last days I've been moving out of the apartment and been driving for 23 hours to get to northern Norway with the moving load, and now im sitting in Frankfurt waiting to get to LA and Vegas. Im looking so much forward to have vacation and hopefully get some tan on my superwhite skin.

Finally reached northern Norway.