Ive had a busy period but now its time for some relaxation. On friday I'm going to Croatia and I'm gonna stay there for two weeks which is gonna be absolutely faboloux.. and with this trip I have only one mission; get a darker shade of white to my skin so i dont blend in with the 'moonlight white' paint on my bedroom walls!
I have some shoots in my head for when I'm back, and I've promised myself I better start working harder if I'm gonna get anywhere with this photography. Its not easy trying to become someone in such a big city as London. Au revoir!
ps. feel free to drop some tips about Split/Croatia in the comment field.

hangout in my bed with antsypants.


going down

Tomorrow morning Im having a selfportrait-shoot for an online magazine. Im feeling a bit weird about it as I have never been told to do selfportraits before, its gonna be my first "planned" one.