Another old photo that never saw the light.
Marry X-mas!


I'm in this months issue of the magazine Vesterålingen.


It's fall, and i like it.


Check out that site. It is a superb magazine. You can get it both digital and the paper issue. I had a photo in the third issue.
And More ego things.


Diana made this from one of my pictures. She definitely got some talent going on. I love when people make illustrations of my photos. Thank you Diana.


For those of you who is on Orkut.com. Someone just told me that there are two fake profiles of me there. The original me is not on Orkut and i didnt even know what orkut was. To make things clear, these two profiles are not me and i will never get my own real orkut profile. So please stop this. I hate myself for making a new post because of this and i hope you, who did this, delete these profiles imidietly.

Took photos of Christin to her portfolio-zine.


Luna, my love, in her favorite place.

Met this dove on my way to kim hiorthøys exhibition.

kim hiorthøy at Standard Gallery.
Its fall and its time to learn something new. Im going to be an enterprising ukulele player.

Current book is Haruki Murakami - the wind up bird chronicle.

This is a portrait of me by Øyvind. Very artistic.

Tonight i'm going to the opening of an exhibition by Kim Hiorthøy.