I wish todays wrapping was as nice as old days' wrapping.


3 times Synne

I can't decide what I like the most. What's best?


Just another thing from that carnival-shop.


Its a real good feeling

Carnival-shops are so much fun. I bought some stuff I will hopefully get use for.

Eduardo Recife

This man is beyond fantastic. His work is a pleasure to look at. I never get tired of it, even after years of looking. You find him here and here.



Lucky me. I got the shoes I've been whining about!
Had no plans for the weekend, and friday night Øyvind said, "want to go to London tomorrow and buy those shoes?". Of course! Nice trip to get nice shoes. Just for the record; Øyvind has almost free tickets for him and friends, so we didn't pay thousands to go there just because a pair of shoes.

AND.. this is not complete before I've mentioned Luna. She was, ofcourse, thrilled to see me again.


Peanut Butter M&Ms

Daniel from Meridan sent goodies to Norway.

En skal tidlig krøkes!

Tomorrow i'll take a trip London and spend the night. There is nothing better to do.


Useful information



I went to the botanical garden after work today to read for my exams, but there was so many other things I wanted to do in the park, so I headed back home and tried to make Luna enjoy fresh air. She said no thanks, so we went back inside and climbed all the closets together instead.


cuddle time

I know I talk a lot about this cat, but I can't stop it. This video is probably not that interesting for others than me and Luna.



First day with picnic in the park!


Wind of failure



Luna! Is it possible not to fall in love with this cute little creature, my 2-year-old cat. Looks like she loves me back..


Back in Oslo

Hurray. Back in rainy Oslo. I will be wearing summer-dresses in one month..no matter what. Tomorrow i will be back to work in Aftenposten and start my daily routines. Start working out at SATS, eating healthy and cleaning the apartment. Easter is officially over this year. Summer is right around the corner!


GREAT. I'm stuck in Bodø.. with my luggage on its way to Oslo. I love spending my holiday on airports. Especially when my plan was to have a day off in Oslo before i started working on tuesday. At least i have my macbook here.. with 16% battery and the charger is..guess what..also on its way to Oslo. Well, could have been worse. Im spending the night at SAS-radisson.


Northern Norway

So there I was, in a house owned by someone I didn't know and didn't want to know, under my hood crawled up in a corner. TAKE ME BACK TO OSLO!



The reason why i started this blog again(!) is obviously all the exams I'm reading for. Every time i put my ass in a sofa i start geeking on the internet instead of reading. SELF CONTROL!
And yep you're right, this is my new-old mobile typewriter.


does your mother know?

Good lookin' shoes

Anybody who wants to give me financial support for these shoes from Kurt Geiger?



Every time I visit my parents up north in Norway, I find thousands of subjects to photograph.

Tim Walker

This man is my idol.