The opening on my (and a few more artists as well) exhibition at Galleri Hildreland in Bø (Vesterålen, Norway).
I couldn't be there myself, so when my parents showed up they got flowers and their picture in the newspaper. If you live around that area, you can visit my exhibition from wednesday to friday (12pm - 05pm) and saturdays (12pm - 4pm) until October 8th.
Happy mom and dad:


Anonymous said...

Congrats!! I have a quick question for you--

When you have your photos printed that large, do you have someone scan them on a high res scanner OR do you just lower the DPI to less than 300 ...I can't decide what I should do when I finally get around to getting larger prints made!

Mariell said...

I didn't do anything special to them before i printed them (just sent the TIFFs away to CopyCat) But these are printed at fine canvas, so if the pictures are with a slight low resolution/number of pixels, it wont really show. I dont think i would have done anything with the pics cause they wont get any bigger than they are in the first place.