Today i had my norwegian written exam.
I finished after 3 hours, and than i had to wait for 2,5 hours for the bus. This is rural-norway. So i spent the hours at this local bakery.
I'll post a few pics from the national day as well.

Posing at bakery:

A picture taken of me at 17th of may. Lookin' fly

Check out that stylish boy. He has a really nice face that i would have loved photographing.

Prebz and the sunglasses.. and me sitting like i shouldnt be sitting when i wear a short dress.


kim said...

oh god i love your hair on the second shot.

Mariell said...

thank you kim

Ole Elias said...

jeg vet hvem "the stylish boy" er :P Han jobber på Kaare Lund, sånn klesagentur :P


Mariell said...

OLE. kan ikke jeg være med neste gang du skal dit a'? jeg kan hjelpe deg å bære, det vet du jo at jeg er flink til.