It was my 21st birthday the 21st of may and i must say im not that into throwing big birthday-parties. I might have got enough when i celebrated my 12th birthday and i got so angry and tired (mainly because of the cupcakes everybody ate before i even got one myself) that i hid in the bathtub.
Turned off my phone (i have a slight phone-phobia and i know people will call me 21st of may) and we went to the cinema watching Le ballon rouge. That movie is so full of great pics. I took a few snapshots, and this is probably what inspired Tim Walker in this Dior-advert.
Oh, and this cake is so so nice. Home-made orea dream cake by Øyvind!


apples with baby wolverines. said...

happy birthday!

Daniel Berg-Johnsen said...

aggggggggggggh I tried calling you all day!!!!!!!!!!

Mariell said...

oh i was you daniel.? i didnt have your number so i didnt know who it was. well, the last time you called it was like eeeeaarly morning here:) well..i have a phone-phobia as well so half the day my phone was turned off because of that. my biggest fear is to talk in the phone.

Thank you apples!

Daniel Berg-Johnsen said...

Haha, I thought it would mean more if I called you from America...rather than just leaving a comment on your facebook. I tried calling Øyvind too. But, it wouldn't connect. haha.

Mariell said...

of course. thank you for calling. but i didnt know it was you and that long number kind of scared me. hihi
we miss you. when are you coming heeere? it looks like we wont be able to go to georgia this summer:( we cant have that many days off from work, and we have already decided to put vietnam and bejing on our map.

Daniel Berg-Johnsen said...

Im not quite sure. I literally have less than a month till I have to move to Georgia ( as long as I get my scholarship). I want to come to Norway really bad. Im just afraid this is a terrible time in my life to make that trip. I mean. Perhaps I'll have to wait to come visit. I really want to do some sort of internship in Norway one summer. Not sure if it will be next but soon. I understand you will be in London. Maybe I can visit London, the graphic design firms there are amazing. My favorite firm ( Ilovedust) is in England. I want to intern there too. I miss you both as well. So much! I wish it wasn't so expensive for me to travel. If it wasn't I would be knocking on your door tomorrow.