Last days in pics

Pics from the last days. I flew from andenes to oslo. Look at this cute little plane i travelled in.

I have been goofing around with Ole. Friday night we walked around in Oslo with these balloons that he was going to use today. We ended up improvising a lousy photoshoot-sort of.

We also made cupcakes. And tried out some outfits. And just for the records, i do not use real fur. And you shouldn't either.

And here comes the best part; I got my 104-kit and the 126-film i ordered.


Ole Elias Høve said...

Oh my
Fur makes me look fat. And the small crown isnt really helping, is it?

God, I cant stop laughing of this. Definitively the highpoint of our self-portraits-career... -.-

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cupcakes. :)

Ligia Teixeira said...

how did you get the flash cubes?
this is amazing!

Linus Ekenstam said...

Hey there love your blog, i mean it's awesome, i have a question, where did you order the film, cuz i hae the same camera setup but no film, i live in sweden, and i think i need to try to order some film.

Please email me at linus.ekenstam@kreativt.se for details on how to order!