Happy New Year!

Thank you everyone for following me in 2010, hope i'll see you again in 2011. It feels like 2011 is going to be a pretty nice year. I wish all of you lots of luck this coming year.
And over to what I've been doing during my xmas holiday up north. Been making three dresses with some authentic vintage fabrics from the coolest shop in Norway (and it is in my island!): Adlys Eventyrsalong.
I'm back in London on Sunday. Mixed feelings. Gonna be good to be back, but I'll miss my mom and dad.. and of course Luna.


kim said...

i love the dress on the left!
Im gonna make a little trip to oslo next week, do you have some tips for me?

TONJE said...

Fantastisk fine kjoler! Spesielt den med grønne detaljer:) godt nyttår, vakre pige. Det skal bli spennende å følge deg videre:)

Mariell said...

Thank you both!
Kim: hm. im starting to get a little rusty on Oslo-tips. but check out Markveien (a road with loads of nice shops). and if you are going out: revolver and blå. i think its opened some new nice bars since i moved from oslo, but i cant remember their names. have a nice trip, let me know what you think about Oslo! x

GlamorousGirl said...

love the photos :)
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sheshotta said...

your blog is amazing, i love your work ! happy new year xoxo

kim said...

we had a great time in oslo, its a really nice city only the junks before the central station. every day there is a big group of 10 a 15 people standing before it (the fucking hole day.) I think its really important that they gonna deal drugs on another place in the city because for a lot of tourists is the central station the first view of the city.
we've been in club bla btw, good music and very kind people!