last days

It has been fashion week over here. To be honest I wish I bothered to go there more than just two days, but I guess its just too much stress. Me and Ole Elias the first day. Have an extra look at his fringe. Im so thankful he never complains no matter how special the haircuts I do for him ends up.
Antony decided to tell us the Philippine legend of the pineapple fruit.
And the photos I did for the very talented Kirsty Ward were on Vogue Italy (website).


pris said...

you both look so pretty, love your pale skin!

Barbara said...

You look so pretty!! that hair rocks

Marte said...

The hair with the eyebrows totally rocks :D

Mariell said...

oh, youre too kind. thank you guys! :))

Natália Hisse said...

i like