Everything Is Illuminated
Rear Window
The Birds
Mulholland Drive
Secret Window
Shutter Island
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus
One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
Match Point
Jeux d'enfants
La Cité des Enfants Perdus


Anonymous said...

Cliché hipster movies to namedrop. Give us a guilty pleasure instead.

Mariell said...

define hipster. you obviously have a different view on what a good movie is, for me these are quality movies that gives me tons of inspiration. give me your list, mr(s). guilty pleasure

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you know how a hipster is defined. I like some of the movies you namedropped, although I'm not overly fond of Lynch (which is hipster rule #1, LYNCH!!!).

Just thought some of your movies was so obvious/clichés, movies that's always dropped. Didn't feel so personal, more like the movies you have to say you like.

Mariell said...

first of all, i guess there is a reason why these movies "always are being dropped". people like them cause they are good.

sad to hear that lynch has become the definition of the hipster (as hipster obviously is becoming a negative word) and that there is actually hipster-rules and that people find it so important to point out the "hipsters" in the society.. people are different. for me it seems like those who are being called hipsters are those who are interested in intellectual movies, books and interested in arts and at the top of this interested in clothes and fashion and their appearance. i just find this whole need of calling someone hipsters very interesting, and would like to hear who you look upon as hipsters.

though it must be said there is a reason why i only have one lynch on that list, im not lynch's biggest fan but i think you might agree when i say that mulholland drive is inspiring.
lynch is the terry richardson, hitchcock is the paolo roversi.
what is your personal fav-movie?

Anonymous said...

Hipster as a negative word is for those people who are trying just a little bit too much to be different, to stand out, to be "individual" even though that's perhaps not who they truly are.

They can sure be interested in movies, books, fashion etc (lots of people are), but it's their need to be so special, like the things no one else like or atleast very few like.

Like an upcoming band, but when they get wider attention their liking for the band starts to fade out.

Sorry if I stepped on your toes there, and you don't define yourself as a hipster. But a lot of those movies would go under the category what I consider the hipster-movies to like. Lynch, check. Some french movies, check. Atleast one Woody Allen, check. Hitchcock, check and so on.

You could say you find it interesting to point someone out as a hipster. I guess it goes both ways?

I like a lot of movies, but I'm not sure I have a clear #1.

Mariell said...

the definition, i agree. but i do think everyone has the need of feeling different and special, at least sometime in their life. its in our nature, at least i hope so. you did not step on my toes at all, but im not an exception, i want to reach out there and yes i want to be special in the way of how i work with images. but its a long way to go and very few of the people who stands out, actually stands out in a positive and natural way.
hope you come back and comment again in the future, i appreciate your comments which are more than just a "hey nice blog". thats a reason to have a blog, when you can actually get some inputs from other people.

Anonymous said...

I guess you're right.
Hipster is when someone is liking all the bands, movies, brands/clothes etc they "are supposed to like" you know? When it's not so genuine or lack of indivuality. It's like following a formula. Let's just drop it, didn't mean it to be that harsh anyway.

I thought about favorite movies all day and I think I could consider Pi by Darren Aronofsky to be my favorite movie.

Mariell said...

lovely. i will probably watch that one until next time. hope to hear back from you!

Rui said...

Kill me but I notice a certain complex here. Just as hipsters (whatever that is) have the hipster complex, people who want to avoid namedropping for fear of being called a hipster have a complex all the same. Understandable but why can't people just sit back and enjoy the show?

Also, the guilty pleasures can also be cool in an ironic way. And you can do a great deal of name dropping there too. So I'm gonna drop a supposedly-guilty list too.

As for me, because I am so hip (hihihi) I am going to start my name dropping because these are films I really enjoy, I'm proud of it, and if it takes being a hipster to enjoy them, then I'm willing to take the burden. Yep.

– Rui


Hip List (Rui):
- Picnic at Hanging Rock (Peter Weir)
- Gummo (Harmony Korine)
- Andrei Rublev (Andrei Tarkovsky)
- Mirror (Andrei Tarkovsky)
- Madadayo (Akira Kurosawa)
- Rashomon (Akira Kurosawa)
- Fanny & Alexander (Ingmar Bergman)
- Ugetsu (Kenji Mizoguchi)
- The Squid and The Whale 9Noah Baumbach)
- Passionless moments (Jane Campion)
- Apu Trilogy (Satyajit Ray)
- Battle of Algiers (Gillo Pontecorvo)
- You, The Living (Roy Anderson)
- everything by Wes Anderson
- Weekend (Jean-Luc Godard)
- Spirited away and Princess Mononoke (Hayao Miyazaki)
- Funny Games (Haneke)
- The Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
- El Topo (Alejandro Jodorowsky)
- The Talented Mr. Ripley ( Anthony Minghella)
- Barry Lyndon (Kubrick)
- Buffallo '66 (vincent Gallo)
- Alex in Wonderland (Paul Mazursky)
- All things I saw by George Kuchar
- When Harry met Sally

Guilt List (Rui):
- Stuff by Sofia Coppola
- Meet the Parents
- Empire of the Sun
- Inventing the Abbotts
- Polish Wedding
- Can't Buy me Love
- Big Big Big
✡ Schindler's List (I feel guilty for having this on the guilt list )
- Blades of Glory
- Kingpin

Hip List (Sara):
- double life of Veronique
- Picnic at hanging rock
- Daisies
- alice (jan svankmajer)
- Mermaids
- Flicker (documentary)
- Amadeus
- Grey Gardens
- Science of Sleep
- You, The Living
- En kärlekshistoria (roy andersson)
- My life as a dog
- The white ribbon
- Buffalo '66
- Fanny & Alexander
- Elvira Madigan

Guilt List (Sara):
- period films starring Keira knightley.


Mariell said...

haha thank you Rui! nice post and nice to hear from you. long lists from you two but i will look up those i havent seen, so that i can lengthen my hipster-list.

Rui said...

Well, the list is too big,also depends on your mood. Sara's suggestion, The White Ribbon is one I would add to my list too. doesn't hurt trying out, to see what u like best of the lot. On my own list is "My dinner with André" and some of the stuff I have on my Mubi.com list.

have a nice movie time!

Anonymous said...

I love "Rebecca" by Alfred Hitchcock, myself.

Rui said...

Rebecca? I'll checkitout.

Mariell said...

rebecca is one of those i havent seen, that will be the next i'll watch of him! thanks

Rui said...

Hahah, worth seeing:

Mariell said...

haha love it. very hip! a hip hop, hippie to the hippie, the hip, hip a hop..