Film tips?

Hello there. Need your help. Can't come up with more movies to watch. What is your favorite movie?
I've watched most of Hitchcock (except the silent ones) and quite a few from Jean-Pierre Jeunet. I don't like Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter.


Margret said...

maybe you would like 'one flew over the cuckoo's nest' or 'funny games'

Mariell said...

thanks for the tips. one flew over the cuckoos nest is already on my list of favorites. i will defo give funny games a try. :)

Linnchilla said...

Det første eg kjem på er ein dokumentar eg har forelska meg heilt i er: Searching for the wrong-eyed jesus. Veldig vakker!

P' said...

Yeeeeah the Harry Potter's movie are so bad >__<
My favourite movies : Ghost World, Let the Right One in, Mysterious Skin, Tale of Two Sisters, El espinazo del Diablo, El laberinto del Fauno, Persepolis, Laputa the castle in the Sky...
Eeeh after it depend of what you like, but have a look on these ones ;)
Kisses from Paris!

trialsanderrors said...

Les Biches by Claude Chabrol. Absolutely the most stylish movie ever.

Y Tu Mama Tambien and its Brazilian counterpart, Cidade Baixa (Lower City).

Mulholland Drive.

Sex and Lucia.

Pan's Labyrinth.

Belle Epoque.

The Lives of Others and The Baader-Meinhoff Complex.

Heidi og Caroline said...

"Fish Tank", eller "En kärlekshistoria".

Liv said...

Breathless - Jean-Luc Godard! Kjempefin nye bølge-film :)

The Virgin Suicides - Sofia Coppola.

Begge filmene anbefales på det sterkeste :)

Mariell said...

thank you everyone! I will try to watch all of them that I havent already seen.

Veronica said...

My own private idahoe ^^

anna said...

maybe... Nothing personal (gorgeously shot), Garden State, Lost in Translation, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Big Fish (if you like phantasy or Tim Burton), Moulin Rouge, Edward Scissorhands, Into the Wild, Innocence (2004), Red (by Kieslowski). enough for now :)

Anonymous said...

I say:

Harold & Maude
Squid & The Whale
Pierrot Le Fou
Fellini's Roma