And the next trip goes to...

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in less than a month, im heading to Ghana for two weeks.. but first, im going up north on Wednesday to join Blabla-festivalen and to bring my beloved Luna to my parents place. On friday at blablafestivalen i will be playing some music at Retro bar after midnight and you will be dancing.


kim said...

ahhhh im jealous

Anonymous said...

wow, I wish I was truly a worldly chick too :(

Яблоко said...

Sorry, my English is very bad, but I want 2 tell u something (I use the automatic translator =))-
I live in Russia - Vladivostok-city Near to China.
haha, edge of our flat world))
Im 21 year, and I have casually seen small article about you on a site proza.com, - there were your portraits. I have become interested and have found you on Flicr here again. I very badly understand English, & I cant read you posts, but I look photos.
And, I wish to tell - many thanks to you for your photos. I do not photograph, however for a long time I take a great interest, and how much I can feel it - your images bring light. They allow to touch to your life, in absentia to get acquainted with that world which surrounds you or which you create round yourself after that fixing it by means of the camera. Maybe my words will seem to you funny, but - your photos bring me the slice of your world.
Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Иван (Ivan)

heleen db said...

Ah, Ghana, I've only been there in my dreams, but if it's as beautiful as the rest of Africa - you'll have an amazing time!